Jose Mourinho Europa League vs Conference League quote sets of war on twitter

We heard Kenny Miller describe the Lisbon Lions feat of becoming not only the first British team to win the European Cup but also the first non Latin team to do so as less than beating Eintracht Frankfurt for the Europa League.

Jose Mourinho however has trumped even that suggesting that the Conference League is no different to the Europa League, something as Roma manager he is within his remit to say.

In truth it isn’t that different, there were plenty of clubs in the Conference League that could easily have won the Europa League including finalists Roma and Feynoord.

Sevco fans didn’t take this well.

Resorting to making quotes and fake accounts up to make themselves feel better.

The 10 year olds are certainly excited.

Expect the next week to be one of pure triumphalism, that said, win or lose this time next week Scotland will be apologising for them destroying a Spanish city, let us hope the police do not let them do any damage to a very historical and beautiful city.

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