All of Fitba slams honking official after farcical performance

Willie Collum is at least consistent in his performances as a referee, he is just as bad officiating in the Championship as he is in the Premiership.

The game between Arbroath and Caley was honking, Arbroath hit the post off a poor cross that was headed across goal, other than that the goalkeepers had to deal with back passes and balls were lost after being kicked over the stands.

Seriously the goalkeepers could have brought a chair with them.

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Caley were down to 9 men after a send off and an injury after using up their subs and Arbroath still couldn’t work the keeper.

In extra time they got a player back and then had another sent off, Willie was at the forefront of some bewildering decisions.

Whilst the Fitba was poor, the officiating was worse.

Here is what Twitter had to say.

Even Ra Peepa have got the fear.

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