Viral tribute to Celtic hero Tom Rogic

The news that Tom Rogic is to leave Celtic is a shock, just when we got the man often called Big Sexy by his swathes of fans back to his deadly best he is searching pastures new.

Of course it is sad that Rogic is leaving but his wishes are to be respected and Celts will doubtlessly follow his career from now until he hangs up his boots.

Hopefully Tam stays in Europe so we can still see his matches, he is way too good for the retirement leagues in the Gulf or USA.

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The video below has gone viral from one of the best accounts on twitter, possibly about to be renamed!

Watch and smile, of course THAT goal is in it and it will be one which will be replayed in a century, his contribution will never be forgotten.

Best of luck Tom Rogic.

This isn’t a bad idea either, vote on the poll and retweet it, hopefully he gets the honour, he deserves it.

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