£2100 Lottery for Seville ticket and other rip offs. Sevco fans fleecing themselves in full view.

I remember my first ever game, it was vs Barcelona in 2004, I got my ticket at the old Bairds bar for £36, I gave the barman £40 quid and of course got the ticket with 4 one pound coins for something which I will forever treasure.

I have bought tickets at face value many times since, so have we all, I understand for a European Final you will always pay a bit extra, even a lot more but seldom would you sell your soul in full sight on Twitter.

That said the Newco fans are a special breed.

These ones are selling at exorbitant prices.

But this Bear takes the biscuit,

£30 x 70 is £2100, me thinks this Bear bought 2 for a bit over face value and is selling one on his Whatsapp group to his mate who is with him in a bar in Seville at the minute.

The other 69 have a real chance though!

Still I am sure he has a raffle wheel or a weegie board or some other way of picking a Bear at random.

The brass neck on them is only matched by their utter stupidity.

Mon the Frankfurt.

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