Malaga complains about Ibrox fans as 10 German bombers and drunk tramps fill the city

The old centre of Malaga is begging the police to intervene with the unruly horde who are staying there before making their way down to Seville.

The usual garbage is on display, far more than photos can show, and whilst on tour who can stop themselves from attacking the nationality of the opposition and war mongering.

The 10 German bombers never hit the Clyde shipyards but that doesn’t stop the deluded from singing about them.

In a time when we are edging towards conflict with Russia and Germany is a far more important military that the UK it is quite shallow, especially when you think that the UK pledged to defend Ukraine when it took its nukes off it in the 90’s.

The noise levels are driving people mad, some tramps have found a bed on the ground.

This is a neighbouring city counting the hours until they leave.

Poor Seville tomorrow.

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