Delusional Oldco star lashes out at Sutton, Celts flood the post

Kevin Thomson was happy to downplay the Lisbon Lions achievements a few days ago stating that if the Newco beat 10th best team in Germany it would be Scotland’s finest sporting achievement.

Luckily for reason itself, Ryan Kent is mince and fluffed his lines from point blank, John Lundstram isn’t the best on earth and Tavs only gets to take one penalty in a shootout.

Sutton had a wee laugh yesterday on Twitter in the act of congratulating Frankfurt, something that he even did for Sevco when they reached the semi finals stating that it was a big thing, he often hands out praise to clubs he isn’t attached to.

He even said great effort to Old Firm.

Celts were on hand, jump on this thread and add your own message.

The people are still freezing in the shadow of Jock Stein, I can’t wait for the revisionists to draw up some guff in the SMSM for clowns like Kenny Miller and Kevin Thomson to rally around.

Believe me, they wont let this rest, they need the Lisbon monkey off their backs.

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