Video: Why the Union Bears failed to sing revealed

Every now and then you bump into an astonishingly stupid piece of information, this Sevco Vlog is the content you need to start your day with a smile.

Yesterday we saw the Newco go a goal ahead only to concede and then lose on penalties.

Throughout the match however we heard the Germans singing loudly not to say that despite being outnumbered they had an amazing tifo and pyro display as well.

The Bears sat idly by and watched their clubs European hopes die.

It seems the reason for this was getting on the drink a wee bit too early.

Maybe have a coffee for breakfast next time Bears.

When next time is however is anyone’s guess, with a major lack of money coming in Sevco will return to firesale mode.

Expect Aribo, Bassey and the crocked Morelos to be linked with clubs across the continent shortly after the final whistle vs Hearts.

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