Kev Murray weighs into Ryanair patter as “Onion tears” go viral

Seriously you could pump the last week of patter into my veins for the rest of my life and I would be as a happy as a bear with a honey pot.

Even if that bear got an empty one.

We have heard it all, our title doesn’t matter, the Lisbon Lions are about to be supplanted, a heap of behave yourself videos and watched the Germans use the shame as punching bags.

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Oh and then Ramsay, don’t even get me started on that patter.

Just when you think it is about to die out, it boils up again.

This is of course on the back of the Ryanair admin having a go at the Newco.

This set some of the special ones off, it seems Ryanair has made the banned list.

This bit of patter is one for the ages.

Onion tears is set to take over from currant bun pain.

Ryanair, you have played a blinder.

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