Delusional Ibrox Noise demands investigation alleging “UEFA put money before lives” as Watergate goes full Sevco

I have read this three and a half times just to make sure I have got the jist of the conspiracy theory, there are 2 main parts to it both completely nonrelated.

Firstly there is a story in USA Today they have picked up which is about corruption in Saudi Arabia involving Spanish administrators.

“BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spanish state prosecutors have opened an investigation into the contracts behind the country’s Super Cup soccer matches in Saudi Arabia following leaked audio between the president of the federation and player Gerard Piqué regarding millions of dollars in commissions.

The state prosecutors’ office told The Associated Press on Thursday that an anti-corruption investigation had been initiated recently.

The probe comes roughly a month after an on-line Spanish newspaper published stolen audio files of conversations between Piqué and Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales. The audio revealed that Piqué helped to negotiate a 24 million euro ($25.3 million) commission to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

Piqué’s company, Kosmos group, would have pocketed 4 million euros ($4.2 million) per tournament from the Saudi organizers for negotiating the six-year agreement, according to El Confidencial newspaper, which released the audio in April.”

Ok so here is a lot of information that was in the public domain as it says in April, well before the final or before Rangers had even qualified for the Europa League Final, but don’t let that stop the Sevvies from twisting it into an anti Ranjuurs story.

The following is mental, imagine yer man in a straightjacket rocking back and forward with 5 stars tattooed on his throat when you read this.

I have put the most deluded parts in bold print and there is a back link in the first 2 words.

This interesting, because the two question we asked after the events in Seville were, could all the hundreds of millions at stake in European football make someone think it was a good idea to shut up Rangers fans by making them too parched to roar; and did someone in deliberately put thousands of people’s health at risk, just to tilt the playing field in Frankfurt’s direction.

Looking at just the health risk….when a stadium cannot house people safely for the duration of the event, then the stadium must be closed, in order to get people to safety

In this extreme heat…some of our fans could have died from heat stroke.

So, the match should have been cancelled and the match continuing under these conditions was, in our view, 100% criminal.

And when this is taken with the authorities ignoring the demands of vendors to sell their food and drinks to thousands of fans, that is why we thought all the decisions made on Wednesday were inconsistent with normal practice (this includes grabbing water at the entrance from Rangers fans, banning displays only at the Rangers end and moving the Gers bus pickup location, so the fans had to walk for hours to the stadium in roasting heat)…and now we see this.

If the newspapers in Scotland still think an apology is all we need they need their head examined.

This is more than football.

This is trying to get to the bottom of why UEFA apparently put money before the lives of our fans.

They could have killed someone…and no-one in Scotland seems to care.

It’s time to make some Ibrox Noise and demand an immediate investigation.

I blame the schools, I really do.

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