EBT Hero destroyed by Celts as he soothes his pain with Black Sunday tweet

EBT hero. occasional journalist and continual pain Alex Rae has taken to Twitter to try and soothe his pain at watching the Newco come so so so close to superseding the Lisbon Lions.

It must remind him of when the same dead club were 90 minutes from a semi final in the Champions League when there were no semi finals.

But I digress.

His wee tweet about Black Sunday is ironic as it highlights a league title in the midst of industrial scale cheating, soon after the Big Tax Case would claim the club, its history and the Ibrox fans would form a team that began in the 4th tier.

That same team won its first national knockout trophy save the Petrofac Cup for wee teams when they were climbing up out of the mire.

The tax cheating he and others did was repaid anyway, it also gave Celtic a free run at all the trophies, in which time Sevco have managed 2 domestic trophies… oh no European ones either.

Celts were on hand to get him telt.

The offseason will be one of talk of success and the like, I agree, if they bump up the quotient and win nothing, lose the league and one of the cups I will bite the hand for that going forward, glad they find it a successful.

Whatever wee Skeletor needs to do to sleep at night is fine by us.

One thought on “EBT Hero destroyed by Celts as he soothes his pain with Black Sunday tweet

  1. What tweet? At least have the decency to show us so we don’t have to go trawling through an inbred cro-magnon tax-cheat fud’s tweets!!!

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