Follow Follow meltdown: “We are Scottish Football, leave the rest to rot, outgrown Scottish football, outgrown our closest rival”

The replies to this thread are insane, let us for a minute ponder the fact that Sevco have just won their second trophy in the top flight in their entire history, if we take their continuity garbage they won their first Cup in over 20 attempts.

This hasn’t stopped Ra Peepa from talking themselves up, I mean losing a Europa League final is painful, I remember the UEFA Cup final in 2003, I was distraught for days, then we lost the SPL by a goal.

Every moment of it hurt, I still am man enough to say it, but I at know time started talking about how much better we are than the rest in a season where like the Newco, we lost the final and the League title.

Check the state of these ones.

It continues in a similar vein.

Super League would kill the game for all but the best teams, something unconscionable in all fairness.

2 teams? They had one team and it didn’t win the league or the Europa League.

These 3 replies are scarily spot on.

We are Scottish football. I have heard it all now.

Then here comes the voice of reason. As he says, a mental thread in all honesty.

Gives some perspective over teams that have made the final, certainly not the greatest achievement in sport and let me tell you Fulham getting there was a far greater achievement than the Newco.

Just like the Lions was a greater achievement than anything else in Scottish history.

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