Keep/Loan/Sell Celtic players in viral Twitter poll: results will shock

Popular Celtic account Arron has put together a group of polls revolving around the following players, Hazard, Urhoghide, Welsh, Scales, Bolingoli, Soro, Shaw, Ideguchi, Dembele, Montgomery, Johnstone and Ajeti.

The polls are showing that Celts are heavily divided on a few players but are overwhelmingly in favour of others leaving the club.

Albian Ajeti has a higher percentage wanting him away than Bolingoli!

You can go to the polls on the below link, all have around 2500 votes and are open for another 6 days.

You can see how I voted by the tick in all the polls below.

I believe Hazard needs game time, we need to get rid of Barkas and until then he is way down the pecking order so for me he needs to go on loan.

Osaze would take Julliens place when as expected he leaves in the Summer.

Welsh and Scales are both projects for mine but in areas where we have little cover, other than Taylor we only have Boli at left Back or moving Josip, with CCV still not signed, Welsh must remain.

Bolingoli is a must to leave as is Soro, neither have a future at the club, that one has 87.1% saying no just a mere 2.9% behind Bolingoli who torpedoed the 10 shows truly how far away he is from the starting XI.

Liam Shaw has been starved of opportunities but also hasn’t done anything for his cause whilst on loan, for mine he is surplus to requirements, Guchi on the other hand has the strongest Keep rate of any player.

Karamoko’s future is unclear, but he is behind too many at Celtic, if he does sign on at least give him some game time elsewhere, Montgomery is another who needs to play more, best he went on loan.

Mikey Johnston for me needs to leave, he has had so many chances for little end product, Ajeti is one I would send on loan but I am well off the consensus, 93.7% want shot of him.

The most damning vote of all.

These were my votes but you can add your own by jumping on the link above, give Arron a follow as well, always great content.

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