Celtic’s “2-3 million euro bid” for Metz player rubbished in France.

Kevin N’Doram is trying to get out of playing Ligue 2 next year and has been linked with Celtic in the process.

Whilst a talented player he doesn’t look like one who fits Angeball, he is injury prone and instead of being a player on an upward trajectory looks quite the opposite.

French sources have shot this down, with most players entering the next year of their contracts on June 1, the market will open up substantially after then.

It will be interesting to see if Kevin remains one of our targets.

CelticFC Francophone’s tweet is translated as:

Given the source of the rumour, seen when Scotland and Celtic apart from this same source there are no other noises, I will be very surprised if we recruit him, especially the new staff is rather on other markets .

This reply translates to I will take him to the airport for that price.

This tweet translates to: Hope the Celtic doctor is ready for a job at 70 hours a week

The source had this to say.

Kévin N’Doram should not stay in Ligue 2 with the

@FCMetz The

@CelticFC has come to the news for the midfielder who could join Glasgow. #FCMetz#Celtic#CelticFC

This one looks highly unlikely, a player who is injury prone and is trying to escape relegation doesn’t sound like someone who will accept, “We never stop”, just saying.

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