Joe Black’s Lisbon Lions “Tinpot” pain backfires spectacularly

Wee Angus has bitten off more than he can chew again, this time it is the Lisbon Lions 55th commemoration that is too much for the wee dear as he has taken to twitter in a blaze.

The facts are that both Nottingham Forrest and Aston Villa both celebrate their major triumphs as Celts were happy to explain in the replies below.

That he cannot seem to come to terms with the fact we won a trophy that they couldn’t just days after filling up on toilet water watching their new club lose in silence is far too painful for the likes of Joseph.

Of course they reached the semi finals and conceded 6 goals in both legs, still a record and funnily enough against Eintracht Frankfurt who skelped them the other day.

But of course it was a wee ditty cup back then, despite the fact that Celtic were the first non Latin and indeed first British team to win it.

Celts had a good laugh.

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