Lenny wins Cup despite 2 red cards, Sevvies flood post with usual pain

Neil Lennon may well have had a shocking season last start with Celtic but he remains the only man to win a treble as a player and a manager, hates the shame and gave us many good memories whilst in charge.

His ill judged comments since leaving the club seem to have dried up like the toilet water in Seville and I for one congratulate him on winning the Cypriot Cup.

His team were reduced to 10 men early in the first half and they went on to win on penalties after the match finished 0-0.

This kicked of absolute scenes after the final penalty kick was taken.

The Ibrox fans are pleading with twitter to remain triumphal after losing the Europa League, their Scottish Cup triumph whilst a trophy to hold in esteem is nothing on our double season considering our rebuild, they threw away the League and they know it.

Expect more people to come out encouraging you to drink toilet water as the years go buy, we will never forget it.

Neither will they.

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