Calvin Bassey blooper video has them raging

Calvin Bassey is never worth £25 million, the facts are that they are skint and need a pay day, with Morelos injured and overweight he will have no resale value until after the window closes, even if the injury clears up he will take months to drop the weight needed.

In lieu of that Sevco are chasing admirers of their Bosman signing.

Aston Villa have been rumoured to be in the running with numbers like £10 million discussed but of course the people love a wee bit of hyperbole.

As soon as their is a link, their is a need to inflate the fee exponentially, we saw this with Kamara, Aribo, Kent and Morelos more times than we can count with the last player to be fair.

The result is that these players are running down their contracts with teams linked to them scared off by ridiculous fees being demanded.

Bassey will now join them, he has 2 years left on his contract, if Sevco do not qualify for the Champions League, expect his price to go to the realms of undisclosed fee come the end of August.

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