Tory MSP stes off war on twitter with “penny less than £25 million for Bassey” tweet

Murdo Fraser is the Tories Tory, everyone knows what Tories are, the builders of food banks, who stash their own wealth in offshore ones, party all night and hand out fines for having dinner, you know the ones who gave £37 billion for track and trace and no one can track it or trace it.

Anyway we have the usual rabble which started with a Sky interview with Chris Burke yesterday calling for Tierney money for Bassey.

Sky then accepted this former players valuation as the clubs valuation.

The Daily Record then posted a £25 million article followed by the Scottish Sun with a similar article.

Now the transfer to keep the lights on is a political matter with Murdo Fraser laying down his demands for his beloved 10 year old club.

This kicked off some interesting responses.

Age old saying, never trust a Tory.

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