“Rangers Religious discrimination” piece in DR is peak delusion

I have often said to people that I am a bad Catholic and an even worse Celtic fan, think of everything people hate about us and pin it to my shoulder, I am unrepentant, but, I am not completely and utterly deluded.

The state of this!

Someone gets laid off, not sacked, not attacked, not abused, merely told there isn’t enough work and thanks for coming.

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We have all been there, when the well runs dry, we hit the internet, ask our mates of they have a tip and chase a days work.

No shame in it, happened to me and almost all I know more times than we care to remember.

But in all these times of a job finishing up I have never thought to claim that Celtic is my religion and that those around me have seen me away for the love of my football club.

Enter offseason Daily Record nonsense.

Seriously, if this actually passes the bench, we will see a club that when it lived said that it was bigger than the Kirk, actually in Newco form attain that.

Ra Peepa will likely change Ranjuurs to a Protestant religion.

I mean, why not, they won’t have to pay tax then.

Here is a bit of the article.

A dad-of-two claiming he was sacked for being a Rangers fan told how supporting the Ibrox side was his “religion” as he seeks £80,000 in a discrimination battle.

Eddie McClung described his lifelong devotion to the Light Blues at an employment tribunal hearing in Glasgow on Wednesday.

The 51-year-old alleges he was terminated from a subcontractor role at a Grangemouth energy site due to his allegiance to the club.

Now a judge must decide whether supporting Rangers constitutes a “philosophical belief” meriting similar protection against workplace discrimination to religion or gender.

Representing himself for the landmark case, Eddie told the hearing: “I live my life in accordance with being a Rangers fan.

“I don’t go to church. I go to Rangers. It’s a belief to me.”

But lawyers for his ex-bosses told Judge Lucy Wiseman that “support for a football club is not a belief system”.

If he’s successful in persuading the judge that being a Rangers fan is a “philosophical belief”, the claim will proceed to a full tribunal hearing in what’s believed to be the first case of its kind in the UK.

During the hearing, Eddie described his dad taking him to an Old Firm game when he was eight and the “amazing” experience making him a “Rangers fan for life”.

He said: “Going to games has left me with memories I will never forget.

“If people say their religion is protected, how many times do they go to church? I would argue it’s as important to me as someone who has a religion.”

So ironic that a toilet is the key witness in this battle of faith.

The banter years continue.

One thought on ““Rangers Religious discrimination” piece in DR is peak delusion

  1. Interesting that this guy has come out with this after big Ange said in a recent interview when taking about what it meant to be managing at Celtic ‘that Scottish people live and plan their lives around supporting their football teams.’ This isn’t the first time Sevconian rip off merchants have stolen Ange’s words. Since new year the patter from Sevco players and their manager has changed to replicate Ange in that they don’t stop. Yes, one of their players AND GvB said it just keeps coming, we’re making history that was started by former teams, it never stops. I think that Ange is the God of their NOW religion. 🤭🤭🤭

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