Sevco’s dinosaur signing has pushed star recruit into Celtic’s hands

The cash strapped club currently playing out of Ibrox have played an absolute masterstroke for Celtic pushing a player from the periphery to the middle.

Benji Siegrist is a free agent and Celtic have sniffed around signing him as cover for Joe Hart, however The Rangers had also been linked with the big Swiss keeper.

The Newco were in the market for a new goalkeeper with a generational issue of McGregor needing replaced, Siegrist seemed the perfect signing.

For starters he was clearly the best keeper outside of the big two, he was on a free and at 30 he is coming into the prime of his life as a goalkeeper.

He seemed a player made for them.

Then inexplicably yesterday the Newco did this.

No sooner had the 10 year old club sign a player 10 years older than Benji, he has been seen in Glasgow at a popular hotel we use before club medicals.

It seems that we will now sign a player who himself can be the long term understudy to Hart and do it for a song.

This is a massive own goal for Rangers and shows truly how little money they have, should they fail to qualify for the Champions League the air will rain confetti or a hearse will be called to Ibrox.


Celts reacted to the likely signing with joy.

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