Derek Rae slaps down Ibrox fan for “sticking up for terrorist” jibe over James Connolly

James Connolly is in the news after Trade Unionist Mick Lynch declared him his political hero in what must be said was a brave interview.

Admitting that you have respect for those involved in the 1916 uprising can get you tarred with the brush, the balloons at Sevco predictably have come running with feathers.

Derek Rae is a well respected journalist with decades of service to the beautiful game, he served in a partnership with Tommy Smyth on ESPN broadcasting SPL football around the globe and has the respect of both sides of the divide.

We he still has ours, he brought up a very good point, one that Irish history even from the time of the 32 counties being within the UK is somewhat suppressed.

It wasn’t until his travels he reveals that he was exposed to it and was able to make a rational take upon it.

This then lead to the predictable response from one of them, however, Rae’s reply was amazing.

Terrorists… it is the key word of those who claim the British Empire was a force for good, those who dared dream of freedom have their names sullied.

It is worth noting that Home Rule the same as Scotland, Wales and the statelet have now, was passed 3 times by the House of Commons and rejected 3 times by the unelected House of Lords immediately before the 1916 uprising, democracy failed Ireland, well at least the unelected part of it did.

Today in a country which literally pilfered a quarter of the resources of the planet, we see strikes by a working class unable to heat their homes, feed their kids or hold their leaders in any form of esteem.

Be it a billion quid to celebrate 70 years of turning Britain into a basket case wanting to tear itself apart with crippling inequality, a government lead by a man convicted of breaking his own rules and with the dear sovereign buying her son out of jail whilst foodbanks litter the country.

The reasons for Connolly and many others for breaking away are both just and reasonable.

Popular Sky journalist Anthony Joseph said it best.

Thank God for google.

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