Celtic Full stadium Tifo raises 4 times Onion Bears rip off

The Green Brigade are once again setting the standard in Scotland and across Europe with a massive £21,000 already raised from a £25,000 target for a full stadium tifo to celebrate our recent double success.

It will prove to be an iconic flag day in Paradise, it is worth noting that the Onion Bears fleeced their own supporters for over £5000 for an awful display in their recent Europa League run.

Before they hit the toilets in Seville and had their tifo banned from coming into the stadium, they had a several displays literally made of bedsheets and spray paint.

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The Green Brigade is nearing its total to cover all 60,000 seats with a display and Celts are being very generous on the go fund me.

This was the deluded accounting across the city for a monstrosity they billed their own for £5558!

The last time Celtic Park had a full stadium Tifo was at the end of the Invincible season and it lead to us getting the Best FIFA Fan award in 2017, something voted by other fans across Europe.

That we are starting the season with such ethic bides well, if you want to donate go through the link in the North Curve post or by clicking here.

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