Aribo slipping away on the cheap as Sevco fans turn on Ross Wilson

Joe Aribo for me is the one that got away, I hate saying nice things about Them, but when you think that the dirty thumb dossier which was leaked all those years ago had his name on it, we really should have signed him up.

With a nominal amount of compensation for a player ripping up the lower leagues of England with Charlton Athletic, we should of at least had him around for a kick.

Look how Matt O’Riley has worked out for us?

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Oh well, that horse has bolted.

Sevco however seem to have erred in the signing by slapping a £10 million buy out clause in his contract, one which seems likely to be activated as he enters the last year of his contract.

The Nigerian international is being courted by Crystal Palace, Forrest and with Fulham also named as suiters and with the news leaked about his buy out fee he looks certain to be in his last days as a Newco player.

Sevco fanzines aside, Football Scotland (itself a Sevco fanzine) had this to say over the £10 million.

Aribo is entering the final year of his contract and Football Scotland understands he has a release clause in his deal now that could see him leave for £10million if any club activates it.

You can read the full story below, what is interesting is that there has been no mention of this buy out clause before, Sevco were hoping for Dembele dollars, instead they will pick up less than Ajer’s fee.

The deluded were not happy, some were hoping for a bidding war…

Valuations continued to rise.

But as they rage maybe the issue wasn’t Ross Wilson’s after all, however having allowed so many players to enter the last season of their contracts with foolish conditions within them, he is Celtic’s inside man at Ibrox.

The longer they have him there the better things bide for us.

One thought on “Aribo slipping away on the cheap as Sevco fans turn on Ross Wilson

  1. “Should have” shortens to “should’ve” no “should of” which is just awful and doesn’t make a lick of sense. Forest has only the one “r”. Here endeth the grammar lesson! Now on to the matter at hand – who in their right mind is desperate enough to throw away £10m for a one-season wonder who can sign a pre-contract in January and cost them nowt in transfer fees? Only a right clown would commit to such an idea.

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