Tims raid Jota’s Wikipedia and hilariously troll Sevco

It is not often that a team makes a European final and comes out of it a laughing stock, but after the water ran out that is exactly the fall out for the Newco and its fans.

Celtic Twitter is in raptures at the moment, With Bernabei and Jota signed up we are seeing a window unlike any we are used to since MON.

We are getting our men signed in June and July, not in late August in the shadow of September.

Who sings it better, Celtic vs Live...
Who sings it better, Celtic vs Liverpool YNWA gets nasty on Twitter

The fact that we have the £40 million bounty already in the pocket for Champions League has meant that we are able to invest into the playing group, not hope we get in before buying late on.

Whilst Ange and Nicholson are playing a blinder, Celtic Bampots are doing their best to rub salt into the wounds.

This is the third consecutive stunning window for Celtic, the good news is that it has barely begun and we have plenty more to spend.

Expect more fun and games between now and the action beginning in a month.

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