Celtic have opened the door to the free Broomloan reopening, will Sevco bite?

Celtic have announced a magnificent 53,000 season tickets have been sold to support the champions in the coming season and this is the final figure for season ticket sales.

This is actually down on the 55,320 sold last year and means that we can give ra Peepa full derby allocation if they will only do the same and reopen the Broomloan for a full contingent.

This also opens up the question of Celtic beginning a resale platform for season ticket holders who do not use their tickets every other Saturday.

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There are over 16,000 on the waiting list and the match day office is always busy on the weekend with fans eager to see the Bhoys play.

Surely there can be some way which can make sure that no match ticket goes to waste.

Hopefully, we will see Celtic Park full to the brim whenever we play and if the club playing at Ibrox who loves to spout the term Oldfirm over and over again actually ever wants to see the Glasgow Derby mirror the Oldfirm, they should allow it to once again become a spectacle.

True derbies have away fans, clubs with unbroken histories know this.

One thought on “Celtic have opened the door to the free Broomloan reopening, will Sevco bite?

  1. I preferred it with no away fans. Atmosphere was better, far fewer police, no toxicity in the air & tbh I hate the sight of them at Celtic Park. They aren’t worth the grief that they bring IMHO.

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