Souza and two free transfers to take Celtic to the next level

Celtic are in a privileged position at the moment, we are awaiting over £40 million in prize money, gate receipts and sponsorship boosts after automatically qualifying for the Champions League.

Our recruitment has been impressive with Maeda, Siegrist, CCV, Bernabei and Jota swelling the ranks.

Crucially we are short in a few positions, the most telling being Defensive midfield, Bitton has gone a year after Broony left, a position which he made his own for over a decade.

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We need this area strengthen especially seeing that Soro is a bomb scare and there are few other options save Reo and Calmac out of position.

The latter isn’t an option as the further up the park we deploy the captain the better the team’s fortunes.

Vinicius Souza looks like the answer to our problems, he is reported to be considering his future and may make a decision between us and Ajax as early as tomorrow.

This is a player we simply must sign, the Champions League, heck, Europe in general has been an Achillies heel for us for far too long.

2 other players who are generally out of our price range but are both on free transfers are Jordan Larsson and Jason Denayer.

Larsson is an extremely capable footballer who would provide the third striking option we need as well as being versatile enough to take on the load in midfield.

Denayer knows the Scottish game well from his time when he bossed Scotland playing beside VVD.

Denayer’s contract expired at Lyon and he is on a free, with both players a hefty sign on could negate the need to break our wage structure.

If we were to replace Jullien with Denayer, Soro/Bitton with Souza and Rogic with Larsson we would have not just the opportunity to wipe the floor with Scottish opposition, but also a chance to go on a run in Europe.

With the quotient high and Russia likely banned for another year with no end in sight to the war in the Ukraine, winning the League would likely allow us to qualify directly for the Champions League next season.

Investing in one signing and 2 free transfers, it is a no brainer to take us to the next level and leave the domestic opposition trailing in our wake.

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