FF editor claims reports are “Untrue” about Aribo. Are Sevco and the SMSM begging for cash?

Sevco fanzine Follow Follow editor Mark Dingwall has shot down the entire SMSM and claimed that Aribo has neither turned down a new The Rangers deal or wants to leave.

There might be an ounce of truth to it, for example Warburton found out he resigned in the papers, maybe Joe is finding out he has rejected a contract just days after it was revealed he had a £10 million buy out clause.

One thing is for sure, Sevco are skint and need money quick, when you find so many publications on message at once you have to think that they have been given a succulent directive.

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That the editor of an Ibrox media partner no less is saying it is dross means far more.

If Dingwall is telling the truth, them Rangers are in a real state, fare worse than we first thought.

The operation to give not just the club enough money to survive but to give Gio a chance at rebuilding his squad before the Champions League qualifiers is acute.

I would be surprised if there are any bids for Aribo before late August, they will accept anything then.

Here is what the SMSM had to say.

Others are agreeing with Dingwall, apparently Sevco and their SMSM minion are lying through their teeth.

Or there is this angle.

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