Anthony Joseph confirms “contact” between Celtic and Jordan Larsson, as well as others

The Prince is in high demand at the moment and why not, he is available on a free and is a pedigree player, not to say merely his fathers son, but a Swedish internationalist and a big club player.

This has been shown by the below tweet from Sky man Anthony Joseph, Forrest and Celtic have been in contact with Jordan’s agents.

There is also plenty of interest from the EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A clubs, if this is true this makes the move for him a no brainer.

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If he comes to Celtic on a 3-4 year contract we could see him excel, wow the crowds and then sell him for a fortune the year after.

Or as it is with Juranovic we could hold onto him and see his value rise even further.

Celtic are in the Champions League this season and we have the opportunity to show case our best players, if Larsson were among us we would have the opportunity to show him off to the EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A teams.

This is a transfer the fans want, with the potential pay day for the club it would be one that the board would like.

The key is is it one that Ange wants?

What the gaffer wants is the most important, let us hope all the stars align, if Larsson plays for Celtic this season we will see him at his prime, if not we will likely never see him, he will simply cost too much.

That in itself explains why we have to try and bring the Prince home.

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