UEFA rubs salt in to Kent vs Jota debate

Over the last few days there has been heated argument as to whether Ryan Kent is a better player than Jota.

The entire premise of the argument of the Scottish Cup Champions fans is that he lost a European final vs doing a domestic double.

All the toilet water has gone to Ra Peepas heads it seems as not only did Kent make the Europa League final but he fluffed his lines when immortality beckoned.

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The man had the opportunity to be the Gemmell of Sevco, instead he would up the man who missed from point blank with the ‘Keeper out of position.

Celts will long relive this moment.

The original debate came from the following, jump on this thread some of the answers from the deluded are crazy, it is like they almost wish to lose and argumemt.

Jota has signed on for 5 years, Ryan Kent becomes a free agent atr the end of this season and will be free to sign a precontract in January.

One thought on “UEFA rubs salt in to Kent vs Jota debate

  1. A ridiculous argument, Kent isn’t good enough to lick the mud from Mikey Johnston’s boots never mind Jota’s…

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