Sutton trolls Sevco over BBC reprieve

Chris Sutton has taken to Twitter in regards to the BBC and the Newco coming to terms over the Ibrox club banning the national broadcaster for actually having the temerity to not tow the blue line.

Everyone and Anyone still isn’t allowed to work at Ibrox, Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton being the only people now banned from Ibrox not for their remarks, but their personalities.

It seems that the Old Firm club still cannot guarantee the behaviour of its own fans, meaning that Sutton in particular loses the chance to call the game live when they play Europa League matches.

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Should the 10 year olds fall out of the Champions League and into the Europa League this situation will again become a problem for both BT and the Ibrox club.

Chris had this to say,

That you can be banned because of your former club is an absolute joke, that in 2022 we still have these knuckle draggers handing out bans to people be them journalists or the Celtic away support at Glasgow derbies shows truly how much they have fallen.

Any little victory is celebrated.

Tinpot to the core.

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