Sevco balaclava riot video: “Get this deleted, internet grassing and gonna get boys the nick, Mate police will be all over this get it down, Its masks”

I would struggle to believe that Celtic fans let alone the Green Brigade would be allowed to fight in the streets of Glasgow in full view wearing balaclavas.

That a small minority as it will no doubt be reported managed to escape being caged over this shows the two tiered policing system which exists in the West of Scotland.

Had this happened in London, shots would have been fired.

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Instead you can see the police going back and forward among the Newco fans who act with impunity.

As you can see from the messages from Sevco fans they are more interested in getting away with their unlawful behaviour than they are for atoning for it.

The new season is soon upon us, when it arrives we will likely see repeats of such offenses, I mean why not, it isn’t like they are punished for anything they do?

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