72,426 Ibrox pipe dream must reignite our own debate, now is the time to build Paradise to the heavens

Sevco have had a good dose of glue and someone has jumped on Minecraft and done a graphic of a new stadium all resplendent in blue, of course it is a pipe dream for them, the bricks won’t hold up the current stands and the finances are as good as empty.

But this isn’t the case at Celtic Park, we could both afford the construction and obviously with a restructure of the stand we could put a second level on it.

Our design would look a damn side better than some 3 story monstrosity, with the amount of money the club has derived recently from sponsorship not to say the money coming in through the Champions League it is something that the club could do drawing the money back over several seasons.

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If the PLC was unwilling to see the club have a serviceable debt over a few seasons, then there are 2 options.

Firstly there could be soft loans from existing members of the PLC, Desmond is a billionaire after all.

Secondly and a little more excitingly, there could be a share issue to raise the money, I was in school when Fergus came and rebuilt the stadium, I and many of my generation would love to put money into the club that we love and see and tangible outcome as well.

We have seen that there is a large group of Celtic fans clamouring for fan ownership, this itself is a pipe dream when the current shareholders have no inclination to sell.

However a share issue targeted at season ticketholders, waiting list and members of CSC’s we could bring the Celtic minded together, the construction would also allow our 15,000 plus supporters on the waiting list to take their seats at Paradise.

People will say that there will be empty seats for smaller games, the facts are that those games will still have been paid for via season tickets.

The answer to this problem is a ticket sale mechanism, I wrote about this last week if you are interested.

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