Sutton slams Neymar after his latest stunt

Snipers are again being searched for on the roof tops as Neymar is back on the field for a preseason friendly.

The antics of the extremely talented footballer have earned him the derision of Celtic fans.

Every time PSG take the field in a knock out game it seems they would need to be playing Sevco or Chelsea for Celtic fans to not want him get beaten.

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Celtic great Chris Sutton was less than impressed by his latest stunt dive.

Players who do this need to be red carded, there is no point having VAR and not using it with ferocity on divers.

Games and indeed seasons turn on such penalty shouts.

Those who are trying to con the referees are themselves worse than those who foul the players.

A foul is usually unintentional, a dive is always intentional.

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